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When Database Source Control Goes Bad 翻訳 Part3


The Catch


Let’s imagine that all database changes need to be checked into an isolated directory in source-control; we’re not savages after all. However, since they don’t really “build” a database from the source files, that directory will be ignored by their continuous-integration server. This in turn breaks the unit tests that are pointing to the integration database server, so Jimmy then needs to run those scripts manually in the integration environment.


In this process, Jimmy sees other database scripts that were checked in recently in the same source-control directory, but he has no way to know which scripts have already been applied to the integration server. For the briefest moment, Jimmy considers applying those scripts as well, just to make sure that the integration server is fully up-to-date, but then he realizes that he can’t be sure which scripts have already been run without manually comparing the schema and scripts to see which have been applied, and this would make Jimmy the de facto owner for any issue that arise because of it. With his own tasks and deadlines to worry about, Jimmy doesn’t have the time or patience for this silliness, so he just deploys his scripts, forgets about the others, and hopes for the best.


This is something that can silently kill software quality. A motivated developer just tried to make things a little better, but the process was so frustratingly inadequate that it was impractical for him to do so. Software companies depend on their developers taking the initiative to improve things, and when they are discouraged from doing so, either by person or by process, the company will slowly slide backwards into mediocrity, and it will drag every developer’s morale with them.


So now when Jimmy makes the changes to the integration server database, that then breaks things for some other developers that have been using that server for their development. Those developers now need to stop and download the latest code changes to get back in sync, cursing Jimmy’s name the whole way.